Impact: a members’ exhibition in collaboration with the fitchburg art museum

Feb. 25-Apr. 8, 2023 with a Reception on Friday, Mar. 3rd, 6-9 PM

Leaving Our Footprint On The Earth:

We have impacted the earth with our presence at least for 11,500 years (as per NOVA, Ice Age footprints found in White Sands National Park) and continue to do so. Both pieces I used for inspiration are to me about multiple meanings. The bowl relates to the earth, water, and fire elements as does the centerpiece of my work (also made of ceramics). The amber beads are used for healing, to ward off negative influences, and for decoration, at least in Morocco. There are also multiple interpretations of footprints on the earth, some practical, some magical. I share some of what I discovered to encourage others to do the same. This piece is meant to be interactive.

Interconnected: a fiber show

Very pleased to have my piece, When Elephants Fight, The Grass Lays Down, juried into this show. A shout out to Tony Brown who was generous enough to allow me to use his poem on this piece.

I learn about the world through art making. Visual art and social consciousness have remained intertwined throughout my life. This piece, including the poem by Tony Brown that he so graciously allowed me to use, unfortunately is perhaps even more relevant today. The title is derived from a Chinese saying but each day we see those in power fighting each other for more. It is never over. If one head is cut off, more grow in its place and the true victims are those without power.


A non-juried show based on all things related to or about wearable art at Arts Worcester Gallery in the Printers’ Building on Portland St., Worcester, MA Opening on January 13th and featuring a vast array of unexpected interpretations of the topic.

The above outfits have been purchased by the Worcester Historical Museum for their collection.

Juror’s Prizes went to T.I.M.E. DaArtist for Baile Tipico, Obiamaka Igwenagu for Aplomb Pieced Together Stevie Leigh for Promise Everything, Emmanuel Opoku for Good Listener, and Trevor Toney for Glam-O-Rama.

Chris King’s General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Pullover, Louise Laplante’s Paris Summer, Sheila Papetti’s Fortitude and David Wesley White’s Jingoist jester Hat received Honorable mentions.

Their work is shown in the 2 slideshows below.

Some of my favorite works not previously posted.

Images of my submission, Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Grass.

The above title is in response to my friend regularly proclaiming that it is a good day if you wake up on the right side of the grass and the knowledge that at some point, we will all wake up on the wrong side of the grass. In the Buddhist tradition, people who have died are reminded that they are no longer living and need to go on to their next life. This piece is of the ground, now over the head if one who is deceased (and has found herself in a cemetery). Photos of artist wearing the “ground” are by Anne Diamond McNevin.

Scenes from the Opening.


Pleased to have been invited to exhibit one of my works in this show. The Reception is on Thursday, 11/3, from 5-8PM.

My piece, “Raccoons” in this show began with photos of the raccoons on my porch having entered through the kitty door to share the food I leave for feral cats.

A sampling of works by friends and others. As shown in the videos taken at the Opening, there are many more works on the walls and in the round. All are best seen in person.

At the Opening itself:

Project Spaces

Remember, the Reception is September 16th from 6-9 PM.

Videos of my work and the work of the other artists featured in this show can be seen on Facebook under my name. Many works did not photograph well so are not included here. I did include 2 views of Amber Rose Tortorelli’s environment, Mani(a)c which I think is my favorite in this show.

Thank you, Brian Goslow for somehow showing up again with copies of the 100th issue of Artscope and taking this photo of me and my work.


I begin with the work of Amber Rose Tortorelli since her Environmental piece lends itself to being considered as a unit.

The work of others proved not as easy to isolate and some areas of the gallery were more difficult to photograph, thus the uneven representation presented below.

The Tenth Annual One Show

Arts Worcester’s Tenth Annual One Show opened on 7/15 in the Printers’ Building on Portland St., Worcester. The following images were taken there.

What follows is an assortment of my favorite images of works in this show. Many were left out because of the poor quality of the photos I took, or the reflectiveness of the glass on their frames. All the more reason to go to see this show in person.


Aaron Brodeur, It Chooses Chaos
Stevie Leigh, Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)
Maureen McGuinness, In The Light
Jessica Sadler, Boscage


Jeffrey Aragon, Mayan War Club
Migdalia Chico, A Relaxing Walk at Night
Jessica De Haemer, Seaside Sunrise
Mark Lore, Lupines at Sunrise

Lyn Slade, Gray Skies are Alright


Pamela Chiasson, Two Rays of Sunshine

MY PIECE: BURNING MAN. This is one that can be interpreted on multiple levels and seemed very appropriate for our current times. It was fired at cone 10 and thus “burned”, the Midwest is literally burning due to climate change, drought, and wildfires, and the collage materials used to represent fire are ephemeral as are the sculptures displayed at the Burning Man Festival. The photo including myself was taken by Brian Goslow.

Playing Games

Pleased to be included in this great show at Arts Worcester, officially Opening Saturday, 5/14 at 1 PM.

My “Shield” is 2 sided, at first intended to indicate those qualities that I wished to repel on the outside and those I wished to incorporate into my life on the inside. As I worked, I came to the realization that the only way to define the aspects I thought of as positive was through comparison with those that I saw as negative. Although recognizing their necessity, I have a long way to go to rest in equanimity accepting the negative as well as the positive.

Images from the Opening of this show.

A big shout out of thanks to Chris King and Carrie Crane for being willing to wear my Shield.

Thank you Brian Goslow for these photos and your kind words.

Window into our past

Ancestors and Influences

Past, Present, and Future

More images of the entire show to come.


A big shoutout to Wynne Dromey for doing a wonderful job of curating and hanging this show.




If for some reason, you missed the Opening, most of the work will be there until April 7th.