Opening at Arts Worcester, in the Printers’ Building, 44 Portland St. Nov. 18th-Dec. 19th, 2021. Reception, Dec. 3rd, 2021.

Some time ago, I began a series of photos attempting to capture the life in my neighborhood visible from my house and yard. This was a Godsend during the pandemic. What was often missing was the sense of movement and change that occurred as I watched. The photos were interesting as a documentary of the positive events in my area but did not rise to my definition of art. I began using them as a basis for further exploration attempting to capture the nuances of these events.

Multitasking, ampersand board, crayon, collage, paste; 8″ X 10″.

Scenes from the Mid-show Opening at Arts Worcester. Videos posted on Facebook as “public”.

Scenes from the Closing celebration for the “Little” one. More videos posted on Facebook marked as “public”.

From Our Studios

I was pleased to be included in the most recent show at Worcester Center for Crafts in the Krikorian Gallery. Images of the Opening and beyond can be viewed below.

Inside Voices: A Members’ Exhibition

For this challenge, I used the work by Fritz Gerlinger, Steel Pipes, as my inspiration. I emphasized the contrast between the geometric series of holes in the square piece of wood and the holes in the natural forms which relates to the geometry of the steel pipes and what is visible through them. The title is a play on words since 2020 has required us to look out through barriers to participation. What we see through the steel pipes is in some ways more interesting than the pipes themselves.

Negative Space: 23″ X 20″ X 24″, wood, epoxy, polyurethane, steel wire and stain. for an idea of the entire show, go to Arts Worcester website where you will find all of the artists included listed as well as their artists; statements, and an image of their work.

Videos and stills of the show are posted on Facebook and are “public” under my name.

Submission for the Arts Worcester Biennial

I decided to post the work and information I sent in for this juried show mainly so I could remember it. Also I am constantly struck by the beauty of some of the work that is rejected for shows of this sort. My choice was guided by the current state of the world and the Pandemic. May it serve as a reminder to all who see it of the ongoing cycles of life and death that affect everything.

Life Transforms Death Transforms Life: cone 10 ceramics, glazes, stains, monofilament, wood, glue, plastic. H. 8″ X W. 18″ X D. 16″ completed 2017. $ 1,750.00.

It is past time for us to realize we are simply one form of living creature among many others. They give us life and we eventually give them life in a continuous cycle of transformation. This can lead to a lightness of being rather than a morbid sense of doom as represented by the tinkling “song” of the letters themselves. There is no dichotomy of “good” and “bad” here, only continuous change.

2020 Presented by Worcester State University, a virtual juried show. View all the work chosen at:

Pleased to have my work chosen for this show. As I contemplated what to submit, I realized that the sculpture I had created for a larger environmental piece perfectly embodied my feelings over the past year of being stuck in the house and becoming buried in art.

Since we could only submit a single image of each piece, it seemed difficult to visualize a 3-dimensional work. Here I include multiple views of this sculpture I titled “Stuck In The House” for this show.

The woman is laying down and reaching out to try to lift the “roof” of the “house”. The other images are collaged onto the surface of the 3-dimensional metal and glass “house” and represent the way I have boxed myself in by continuing to create artwork without a viable outlet to exhibit or sell it. If the piece was shown physically instead of virtually, the “roof” could be lifted up to reveal the inside of the “house” and the full figure.

The Eighth Annual One: A Members’ Exhibition

Opened at Arts Worcester, 44 Portland St. in the Printers’ Building on Sept. 10th and will run through Nov. 8th.

Videos of the show and a far more professional video in which the Juror announces the winners can be seen in my Facebook feed (all are listed as Public.

The prize winning pieces include A piece by AW’s own Alice Dillon. CONGRATULATIONS, Alice!

Other winning work shown below:

Other favorite works from the show:

(The image of me by Anne McNevin has been sold!)

My sculpture, “Mud People” of cone 10 stoneware pit fired and mounted on glass.



Yes, in-person gallery hours are back!

Gravity/Levity: A Juried Members’ Exhibition

July 9 through August 16, experience

We are thrilled to welcome you back to the galleries for Gravity/Levity, our first exhibition dedicated entirely to sculpture. Beginning Thursday, July 9 at noon, our doors will be open to you again.

Gravity: weight; a fundamental physical force by which all things with mass or energy are brought toward one another; a dignity or sobriety of bearing

Levity: excessive or unseemly frivolity; lightness of mind; lightness in weight

Gravity/Levity, a juried exhibition of three-dimensional artwork, is the first all-sculpture show at ArtsWorcester. Lisa Crossman, Curator of American Art and Arts of the Americas at the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, selected twenty-nine sculptures by twenty-five artists that capture approaches to weight and weightlessness.

Works both earnest and ironic employ materials ranging from cast glass, carved stone and wood, ceramic, and steel, to paper, recycled electronics, fishnet tights, and gummy bears. Visitors will find cereal boxes imitating military equipment, concrete that encourages a change in direction, twigs and toothpicks mirroring industrial machinery, and colorful mesh produce bags that reflect a family’s history of consumption.

Sculpture is historically perceived as having significant weight, both in poundage and gravitas. The works in this show confirm and contradict that sentiment, while asking us to consider the relationship between material and message.


I am pleased to have had my work, “Woman Of Substance” included in this juried show.  To have a better idea of the full range of work included, go to my Facebook page to see videos of the entire show (which are listed as “public”) or better yet, go to the more professional video on Arts Worcester’s website.

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Some still images from the show.

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More still images.

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At Arts Worcester, The Opening of “Transitions” tentatively postponed until June, 20th, 2020


Because of the Corona Virus, currently, this show can only be seen virtually.  Arts Worcester has done an amazing job of simulating a gallery walk through which can be accessed through my Facebook feed posted as “public”.  Sadly, thus far, I have not been able to transfer the image(s) to this website but stay tuned; I’m working on it.

I finally found still shots of my piece taken by Arts Worcester staff so am including them here below.103783725_1457086204493826_2841398814684247619_o103599103_1457086207827159_3976707614479563661_o103684763_1457086211160492_7693015717071831460_o

Now to re-crate this and bring it home this week when I bring in my work that was juried into the next show.

One of the biggest transitions:

The packing up of “Inner Vision v/s Outer Appearance” to transition into the Gravity/Levity Show in the time of the Virus featuring my son, Michael.

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The process was a family affair.  My son, Richard was enlisted to transport the packed sculpture (since it fit in his car) and move it to the second floor where it is kept when not being shown.

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I was told that the show, “Gravity/Levity” will be Opening on July, 9th, a Thursday and that the gallery will have new hours (Thurs., Fri., and Sat. from noon to 4 PM.

The “Jill Watts Show”

A big shout out and thank you to Stephen DiRado and Gino D’Orio for making me a “class project” for 18 of their Clark University students.

The first “installment” of the “Jill Watts Show” took place in their classroom on 3/10/20.  They encouraged me to invite friends so we all got a taste of their teaching style, the first set of students’ finished products, and ate popcorn—just like at the movies.  The work was surprising, wonderful, and each student came away with their own unique “take” on what to emphasize and what to leave out.

A special thanks to Hunter Lanson who informed me he smelled gas in the house.  ( My sinuses and radiation treatments have played havoc with my sense of smell.)  After he left, I checked the pilots on my stove 1 of which had gone out.  Since I was using a blow torch and checking settings on it inside in preparation for a pit firing, he likely kept me from blowing up our house.The Jill Show

The second “installment” will take place on 3/17/20 at 2:45 PM in the basement classroom and yes, Dino, I will bring artery clogging snacks for you.

For a peek at Samuel Mescon’s completed work, go to YouTube and find “Jill final”.

Update:  The second installment of the “Jill Watts Show” has been cancelled because all classes at Clark University will be given on line due to the Corona Virus.

For an explanation of the concepts behind the Jill Watts Show, and some more images, go to “The Image and the Word – YouTube” or Facebook.