E Pluribus Unum: A Members’ Exhibition

Every year Arts Worcester hosts a show of members’ work based on inspiration generated by works loaned by Fitchburg Art Museum.  It is non-juried, to my mind, the most exciting type of show, but a number of works are chosen to be shown later in the Fitchburg Art Museum itself.  This year, I am humbled to be showing with my teacher and mentor, Ginny Gillen as well as many good artists and friends.  A shout out to Tim Johnson who always manages to pull together our disparate works into a single cohesive whole.

Please come and support us at the Opening, Friday, November 17, 2017 at 6 PM-9 PM at the Aurora Gallery, 660 Main St., Worcester, MA.  Can’t make the Opening?  Come see the work (and that of the winners) Thursday-Saturday, 12 PM-4 PM or by appointment.


Cone 10 stoneware, multiple glazes, monofilament and glue.


Nonobjective NOW

I am delighted to be included in this juried show with so many outstanding artists.  Please join us at the Opening.unnamed (2)

Nonobjective NOW: New England Artists Explore Abstraction
The play of light and color, the interaction of geometric forms, the essence of an idea: these are the hallmarks of nonobjective art. Discover a rich variety of contemporary interpretations in this juried exhibition, featuring painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, fiber art, and design.

Andrew Anderson, Catherine Armistead, Bayda Asbridge, Paul Beaudoin, Dorothy Benedict, Rachel Benson, Susan Black, Eddie Bruckner, Don Bullens, Helen Canetta, Jennifer B. Caswell, Julie Chen Merritt, Doreen Connors, Andrea Driscoll, Curtis J. Emerson, Margaret Emerson, Susan J. Fisher, Fogger, Sharon Freed, Carol Frieswick, Elizabeth P. Glixman, Kimberly Guthrie, Tighe Hanson, Amanda Kidd Schall, Caren Kinne, Deborah Roberts Kirk, Ruth A. LaGue, Terry Lamacchia, Marybeth Lensel, Edward Lilley, Virge Lorents, Virginia Mahoney, Dina Martinelli, Bethany McNaught, Anne Diamond McNevin, Elizabeth Mercedes, Emma Murphy, Kathy Murray, Christopher O’Connor, John Pagano, Stacey Parker, Pat Paxson, David Phoenix, Carolyn Quirk, Karl Recknagel and Andrei Kersha, Karen Reid, Nancy Rich, Beverly J. Roder, Lindsay Roumelis, Melissa Scheid Frantz, Rachel Schwemin, Hogan Seidel, Lisa Shea, Lynn Simmons, Dennis Smith, Kyle Stockford, Cathy Weaver Taylor, Robert Thurlow, Jill Watts, Catherine Wilcox-Titus, Neil Wilkins, Janice Williams, Agnes Wyant, Tammy Wyatt, Joanne Zeis, Michael Zeis

Friday, September 22, 2017, 5:00-7:00pm

Refreshments & Hors d’oeuvres will be served.
Street parking or public library lot is available.
Exhibition runs from September 22, 2017 through January 5, 2018.

Printers Building, 44 Portland Street, 3rd Floor
Worcester, MA 01608


phone 800.533.2847
email kcole@DavisArt.com

Artwork credits: Neil Wilkins, Cathy Weaver Taylor, Sharon Freed, Karen Reid, Margaret Emerson, Michael Zeis, Catherine Armistead.

Material Needs Show

I will begin by featuring Susan Swinand although my photos hardly do justice to her work.  If you are intrigued, I urge you to go to the show and also view her excellent description of her creative process and further examples of her work on YouTube, (wwwyoutube.com/loursvp) “Arts and Ideas With Sue Swinand” # 93.

Jen Davis Carey has truly raised the craft of enameling to more than a fine art form by employing her skills to present us with a group of works that are both personal and a powerful statement on our times.  Each piece needs to be contemplated and savored, and possibly cried over.

Katie Dye’s cast glass presents us with small worlds honoring hands that appear timeless and resemble archeological finds except for their precision and jewel-like quality.  My photos cannot do them justice.DSCN7584 (2)DSCN7586 (2)DSCN7619 (2)

Ralph Ferro’s linocuts are masterful and, sadly, almost impossible to photograph under glass without interference from reflections and lights.  All the more reason to view the work in the gallery.

To those of you who missed the Opening, you missed a treat.  The 2 cast glass Ikebana Vases of Tomoko Sakai featured exquisite flower arrangements.  The photos of her work suffer from my difficulty with reflections and glass.  More reason to go to the Gallery.

This painting of Pamela Stolz evokes multiple memories of houses I inhabited, yards with my children and this area in general.DSCN7606 (2)Rebecca Smith provides us with immersion in color through her large atmospheric paintings.DSCN7592 (2)We are treated to small delicate prints and what at first glance could be relics but in reality are small sculptures of ceramic, resin, and found objects by Casey Hickey.

A sneak preview of my work with more to come of the other artists as I am able to get their permission to include their work on my site.

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Material Needs Show

I am delighted to be included in this show with so many truly excellent fellow artists, some known to me for some time and others that are new to me.

The Opening itself coincides with the Annual Meeting and Award Presentation, this year honoring Roger Hankins, who as an accomplished ceramicist himself, will take his glasses off before looking too closely at my work. MNG Card

5th Annual “One” Members’ Show

As usual, one of the more interesting and varied shows put on by Arts Worcester at the Aurora Gallery, 660 Main St. Worcester, MA.  It will be over sooner than you think with work being removed by July 19th.  My piece is “Wave Form 2”.

Opening at Fitchburg Art Museum

I am honored to be included in “Call and Response:  Off the Grid” one of the 3 Openings that occurred on June 23, 2017.  To all who did not manage to attend, the work will be shown through August 13, 2017 and is truly worth a trip.  Many thanks to the entire staff of F.A.M. and congratulations to Lisa Crossman for her new position.